Sharon A. Lawson

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Shar’ was a teacher in junior high schools for many years. She cared greatly for her students, especially the outcasts who seemed to have no other support, even though she did not have within herself what they most needed. She was also living a very conflicted double life—respected educator teach­ing in one city by day and lesbian flirt partying in another city 50 miles away after hours—because in those days no lesbian would have been welcome to teach in any public school.

Then Jesus Christ invaded her world and completely revolu­tionized her life. The transformation started with simple obedience, something she neither agreed with nor understood, but that progressed to changed thought patterns as she exposed herself to more of His Word. Then came a personal and intimate acquaintance with Him Who deeply loves her. Now she DOES have something to offer.

Shar's book, The Sweet Lie of Lesbianism, is a “must read” for anyone who believes that homo­sexuality is an inborn and irreversible condition. And it offers specific direction for anyone who wants to escape from that bondage. Jesus Christ can handle ANY challenging difficulty by His Word for any person who will completely surrender his or her life to Him and give Him that opportunity!

We are saddened to report that Sharon passed from this life to a better life with her Savior and Lord on April 28, 2015. She lay down for an afternoon nap from which she never awakened. Although Sharon is precisely where she has wanted to be, those of us who were privileged to know her grieve while rejoicing. Goodbye, Sharon. We at The Laurus Company will miss you.

Sharon A. Lawson
1945 - 2015